Falk Samstag is a multitalented artist and illustrator with a bachelor's degree in architecture and an obsession for green tea, without which he can't survive a working day.

For as long as he can remember his life has been marked by a passion to design, paint and create things. with a lot of passion he taught himself to paint and draw while trying to survive his boring school years and at the age of 16 he began to sell his first paintings and accept commissions.

After graduating from school in 2018, he started a bachelor's degree in architecture at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, which he graduated with top grades in 2021. Besides he worked as an illustrator and artist on illustrations, videos, comissend artworks and designs for different customers, as a lecturer at a music school, a tutor at university and took part in several exhibitions in Darmstadt, where he currently lives.

Are you interested in working together? Say him hello, he is happy about any form of contact!

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