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Falk Samstag, born in 1999, is a multitalented artist and illustrator with a master's degree in architecture.

For as long as he can remember his life has been marked by a passion to design, paint and create things. With a lot of passion he taught himself to paint and draw while trying to survive his boring school years. At the age of 16 he began to sell his first paintings and accept commissions.

After graduating from school in 2018, he started to study architecture at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, which he finshed in early 2024. Now he works as an freelance illustrator & artist. Moreover he is doing freelance planning based on his studies. Since 2018 he is part of the Illustratoren Darmstadt e.V. 

His work includes illustrations, conceptual art, exhibitions, graphics, animations, architectural drawings & design, and much more.

Are you interested in working together? Say him hello, he is happy about any form of contact. 



artwork for an exhibition in darmstadt on the theme of the freedom. an exhibition which deals with the corona pandemic in various ways, social and societal rehearsals and beautiful small and large images. 



a series of conceptional artworks refering to the ambiguity of SHOTS.

Explanation Video for Book-n-Park

Explanation video for Book-n-Park by Green-Mobility-Solutions. Book-park-Park produces Pracking brackets that you can open easily with their app on your phone. For example, they can be used for your company's parking lots to grant access only to employees.



the subject of the design is a new building for the city archive of the documenta city of kassel, germany. currently, it is located in an old market hall in the inner city but it will soon have to relocate. 


a chair made from old bicycle tires two wooden boards and few metal joints.

№ 2/5 | SSEHC -  Board Game




combine mind and matter to expand your empire square by square in this epic over the board strategy game! move by move you have to take down the enemy's pieces and animals, each with their own special abilities - but be careful and hide, your opponent has his own dark plans.

№ 2/5 | SSEHC -  Board Game

Box Grid Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics
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